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Three on a Couch 1966
9.0 of 1

Three on a Couch

SD 6.00 109 min
Los Angeles based commercial artist Christopher Pride not only believes that winning a contest to paint a mural on a new government building in Paris - which includes a cash prize and all expenses paid to live in Paris for a year - validates him as a true artist, but that it would allow him finally to be able to marry his longtime girlfriend, psychiatrist Dr. Elizabeth Acord, who he expects to accompany him on this year long appointment beginning in a month's time. While Liz is comfortable enough reassigning most of her clients to other psychiatrists, she feels she can't abandon three of them - Susan Manning, Anna Jacque and Mary Lou Mauve - all beautiful young women suffering emotionally from a painful breakup with a man, preventing Liz not only from going to Paris at this time, but if at all unless all three make significant progress on their issues. With obstetrician Dr. Ben Mizer by Chris' side, he Chris and Liz's best friend as Chris' college buddy and Liz's professional colleague who has his practice across the hall from hers in the same medical building, Chris believes the way to solve the problem with Liz is to address the issues of the three women. Ben further convinces him that the only way to achieve this goal is to find a boyfriend for each who would restore their faith in the opposite sex, and that the only person who could act as said boyfriend for all three is Chris himself. Beyond any betrayal to Liz in romancing the three regardless of it being real or not and potentially needing to be in three different places at the same time in managing the romances, the problem for Chris is that each of the three is interested in a different type of man that Chris is not: Susan is only attracted to the athletic type, Anna is only attracted to cowboys, and Mary Lou is only attracted to men of science, especially zoologists like herself. In trying to manage his relationships with the three, he has to keep what he is doing from all four, who includes Liz, with one unforeseen problem being that Liz is the common bond as the confidante for the other three.


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